Our company

Consortium Networks is committed to providing businesses with the most relevant, up-to-date technology information, with a focus on cybersecurity.

By connecting technology customers, vendors, and experts, we strive to be the go-to resource for guidance regarding all your IT requirements. We are the first organization dedicated to providing real-world feedback and data on solutions in operation in production environments at peer organizations.

We are a veteran-owned business built on honesty, integrity, moral principles, and high ethical standards.
We infuse these values into every aspect of our company.

Our Core Offerings

We Have a Multi-layered Approach

This ensures you have access to the latest technology information and products, industry best practices, and the appropriate guidance to select and implement the right solution to meet your technology needs.


We connect you with other members of the technology community through our information exchanges and intelligence platforms.


Expert Consulting

We provide high-value product, service, and security consulting to help you make well-informed decisions.

Expert Consulting

Products & Solutions

We review and resell many of the latest security technology products and solutions.

Products & Solutions
metric summary_Metrics That Matter
Metrics That Matter

Quantify Your Organization’s Risk & Impact for Your Stakeholders

Built by CISOs and board members, MTM helps leaders understand, manage, visualize, and strengthen their security posture based on risk exposure from gaps in their cybersecurity program.

Providing Value Across the Board


How We Help CISOs

We help CISOs cut through the noise of thousands of prospective technology solutions and save time when evaluating the one best suited for your business. Our unbiased product reviews and crowdsourced peer feedback ensures you have the most relevant information when making key decisions. We also allow you to help influence the direction of product development by joining with peers in our executive level intelligence platform.

How We Help Emerging
Vendors & Technologies

We enable you to maximize your investments and optimize your product development pipeline by providing you with critical, real-world information. By connecting with IT leaders, you receive feedback and guidance from potential customers that will help ensure you develop products that will meet the needs of the marketplace.

How We Help Established
Partners & Technologies

By leveraging our connected network of industry leaders, you gain insight into how your product or solution is being used in real-world settings. This allows you to build on the positive responses to your solution and offers an effective roadmap for future enhancements.

How We Help the Community

We believe that if we have the capability to help others, we then have the responsibility to help. Each of us at Consortium Networks believes in helping others selflessly. We agree with entertainer/philanthropist Danny Thomas who said, “Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others.”

Why Join Consortium X Solution Intelligence eXchange?

The Consortium X Solution Intelligence eXchange is your portal to the truth about the IT, physical, and cybersecurity products you are evaluating today.

  • no-cost-no-risk
    No Risk. No Cost.

    There is no cost, risk, or obligation to participate in the Consortium X.

  • intelligence-exchange
    Intelligence eXchange

    The platform is fueled by the exchange of ideas and opinions of our members. Therefore, we ask you to participate.

  • subjet-matter-experts
    Subject Matter Experts

    Our strength and effectiveness come from the collective input of our members. Tap into subject matter expertise from professionals with extensive technology and IT security expertise.

    After submitting your information, one of our team members will contact you to set up a brief interview to ensure our community is the right for you.

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