What does your product do?

The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform is pioneering cloud-delivered endpoint protection. It both delivers and unifies IT Hygiene, next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection and response (EDR), managed threat hunting, and threat intelligence — all delivered via a single lightweight agent . Using its purpose-built cloud-native architecture, the Falcon platform collects and analyzes more than 30 billion endpoint events per day from millions of sensors deployed across 176 countries.

What problems do you solve?

In speaking with our customers, they have identified the following issues with legacy security solutions: 

  • They rely on malware and signature-based detections
  • Their implementation creates increasingly complex architectures, which increase costs and tax endpoint performance 
  • A fundamental lack of confidence in legacy security solutions means a new approach is needed
  • As organizations continue to scale their heterogeneous data environments, they struggle with tacking on a variety of solutions to solve their problems Organizations have restricted resources when it comes to security – with cost and expertise

CrowdStrike solves problems with complexity, deployment difficulty, and effectiveness that bog down other security solution providers. CrowdStrike addresses the rapidly evolving attacker techniques, tools, and processes that organizations of all sizes experience.

How are you different than your competition?

We are a cloud delivered security solution that correlates over 40 billion threat events per day to support large-scale data models that recognize and stop breaches before they happen.

CrowdStrike is a cloud-delivered SaaS solution that provides:

  • Better protection – combine NGAV, EDR, and Managed Threat Hunting all in one lightweight agent (20 MBs). This agent sits at the kernel level and operates whether your system is on or offline
  • Immediate time to value – SaaS delivered agent that deploys in minutes, and scales to your data environments – on-premises, virtual, or cloud-based
  • Better performance – one lightweight agent (20MB), takes less than 1% of CPU when active

Management Console – One UI for the entire platform – users can perform asset inventory, threat hunting, and gather intelligence data all via the same UI.

Who has done this before?

CrowdStrike has hundreds of customers. We protect 3 of the 10 largest global companies by revenue, 5 of the 10 largest financial institutions, 3 of the 10 top healthcare providers, and 3 of the 10 top energy companies.

How are you going to show measurable results?

Since deploying CrowdStrike Falcon, none of our customers have been breached.  A lightweight unified agent that combines next-gen AV, EDR, and managed hunting provides customers cost savings opportunity as they move to replace their legacy security solutions.