Penetration Testing Services

Go beyond automated scanning tools and get a holistic evaluation of your company’s security controls.

The Consortium Solution

Consortium Networks’ Penetration Testing Services are designed and deployed by an expert team of in-house security professionals utilizing cutting-edge techniques and tools to simulate real-world attack scenarios to assess the security posture of your organization’s networks, systems, and applications.

By deploying controlled, authorized attempts to exploit weaknesses, Consortium Networks uncovers potential vulnerabilities and delivers accurate and actionable results, enabling you to strengthen your defenses proactively.

Explore how our Penetration Testing Services can help your organization.

External and Internal Network Penetration Testing

  • External tests simulate an outsider’s perspective, evaluating what is accessible
    to anyone on the internet.
  • Internal tests replicate an attacker’s viewpoint after initial access, providing insights into potential threats within your network.

Compliance with
Industry Standards

  • Our Penetration Testing services conform to various compliance requirements, including NIST 800-53, NYS DFS, HIPAA, and others.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance and demonstrate due diligence in protecting sensitive information.

Lower Cybersecurity Insurance Premiums

  • By completing an enterprise penetration test, you can showcase your commitment to robust security practices.
  • Enjoy potential reductions in cybersecurity insurance premiums, ensuring cost savings for your organization.

Prioritized Findings
for Focused Action

  • Our comprehensive reports provide prioritized findings, enabling you to concentrate efforts on addressing the most critical risks first.
  • Allocate resources efficiently and effectively to fortify your defenses where they matter most.

Expert Guidance
and Support

  • Consortium Networks’ team of in-house experts will provide valuable context and assistance throughout the penetration testing process.
  • Benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience, ensuring a seamless and collaborative experience.

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