The 2024 summer internship program is now full.

You can learn all about what our program offers below, and we invite you to come back and apply this fall.

Fall 2024 Internship Program

We will be accepting interns in the following departments: Sales, Services, Operations, and Finance.

We accept applications from full-time undergraduate and graduate students with strong academic backgrounds. All candidates should be comfortable working autonomously and as part of a team, have strong communication skills, and a desire to work in the cybersecurity and technology field. Qualifications between departments vary but overall, cybersecurity expertise is not required.


The Sales Operations internship at Consortium Networks will expose the intern to various processes and applications used by the Consortium Networks sales organization in support of Company and Sales-specific goals and projects. These skills will include:

    • CRM System administration and management
    • Sales Process Mapping and Documentation
    • Optimization of the Lead Qualification Process

Responsibilities include:

    • CRM data clean-up
    • Creating data-driven reports
    • Creating data-driven presentation materials
    • Sales rep activity and data auditing

Competencies Gained by End of Internship:

    • Deep understanding of CRM system
    • Extensive experience with sales metrics and processes
    • Exposure to business reporting architecture and applications


    • Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills
    • Foundational knowledge of a business’s operational structure
    • Foundational knowledge of business
    • Desire to learn and ability to adapt
    • Experience using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint
    • Critical thinking skills
    • Data analysis skills
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Strong value in data integrity
    • Bonus: Basic understanding of CRM


The Cybersecurity Services Summer Analyst is responsible for supporting the Consortium Networks Services Team. This position is part of the team that researches new and emerging technologies, translates technical jargon into business context, and enables risk-informed decision making across a diverse set of stakeholders. This is achieved by creating, developing, and implementing processes and policies that are adhered to by vendors, customers and Consortium Networks. Responsibilities may include:

    • Research current and emerging technology to understand capabilities
    • Collaborate with stakeholders (internal and external) to identify appropriate technology
    • Design, develop and manage internal processes to optimize services engagements
    • Provide ongoing optimization and problem-solving support
    • Synthesize information from multiple sources for regular updates to customers on vendor partners
    • Provide recommendations for possible improvements related to services engagements
    • Gather feedback on customer satisfaction and internal service performance to foster continual improvement
    • Attend weekly services team and all staff meetings
    • As needed, engage directly with customers, partners, and other Consortium Networks team members

 Preferred Skills/Interests

    • Cybersecurity audit, compliance, policy, regulatory implications
    • Cloud security
    • Zero trust concepts
    • Cyber risk
    • Penetration testing
    • Threat intelligence and research
    • Security education and awareness
    • Data Analytics or very strong Excel / PowerBI skills

Four Learning Objectives

    1. Be able to articulate the basics of cyber risk management and cyber risk quantification (current problems, potential solutions), including hands-on experience with the fundamentals of cybersecurity program development. Where does a new CISO start? What questions do they ask? What actions do they take based on the [often-limited] information they have
    2. Learn about a new cybersecurity topic via independent research: NIST OSCAL: Open Security Controls Assessment Language
    3. Hands on experience with cybersecurity policy development and implementation, administrative controls that complement technical controls like firewalls and EDR tools
    4. Networking within the cybersecurity field. Develop contacts with cybersecurity solutions providers and different sized organizations building their cybersecurity programs


Operations intern responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

    • Review legacy contracts and insert metrics data into Contracts tracking Sheet
    • Co-create operations processes and flow charts with a focus on identifying process gaps and efficiency solutions
    • Learning to Complete Operations Forms to include Customer Onboarding, Vendor Onboarding, W9s, Insurance Cert request … etc.
    • Learn Quoting and assist with overflow
    • Assist with Collections Research

Preferred skills/interests:

    • Paralegal student, accounting student, or business major
    • Contracts, accounting, sales-ops, or general operational focus
    • Process driven
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Suite, and Powerpoint
    • Strong Communication Skills

Learning Objectives:

    • Identify data points in an existing Agreement.
    • Learn basic quoting
    • Grasp a beginner’s level knowledge of Quickbooks, Expensify, Intuit, Contract Management, DocuSign, and Salesforce for operational purposes.
    • Build Written and verbal communication skills.
    • Learn to work in a fully remote environment.


The Finance internship at Consortium Networks will expose the intern to various processes, procedures, and daily functions used by the Consortium Networks finance team with a focus on specific goals and projects. These skills will include:

    • Compiling and analyzing financial data
    • AR/AP process and documentation
    • Assist with organizing a financial filing system that is easily accessible

Responsibilities include:

    • QuickBooks vendor/customer clean-up
    • New vendor/customer set up
    • Gathering information and updated tax forms from existing vendors
    • Delivering data-driven financial reports
    • Handling sensitive or confidential information with honest and integrity
    • Provide administrative support as needed


    • Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills
    • Strong organizational skills
    • Team player and motivated to learn
    • Experience with Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks Online
    • Critical thinking skills
    • Data analysis skills
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Strong value in data integrity
    • Basic understanding of Accounting Principles

Goals of internship:

    • Deep understanding of Accounting Principles
    • Extensive experience with the invoice process
    • Ensuring accuracy of financial statements
The position is fully remote and is paid.
To apply, please send a resume and cover letter in PDF format to