Cybersecurity Incident Response Preparedness

Establishing a repeatable, measurable framework for responding to cybersecurity events.

The Consortium Solution

Cybersecurity threats continue to expand both in numbers and in sophistication. With each iteration, the risk of financial and reputational harm increases exponentially. Malicious actors run the gamut from traditional criminals to nation-state actors, political and social activists, business competitors, and disgruntled employees or clients. 

Properly handling a likely attack on your systems requires developing an effective Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CSIRT) capability. The Consortium CSIRT program provides you with an expert evaluation of your current incident response (IR) capabilities to identify strengths and areas for improvement and provides practical recommendations and supporting documentation for the development and formalization of your CSIRT program.

Explore how our Cybersecurity Incident Response Preparedness can help your organization.

When was the last time you tested your incident response plan?

Does your IR plan connect to other parts of the organization outside of IT (e.g. communications, finance, HR, law enforcement)?

What regulatory requirements are of top concern?

Let our team of expert cybersecurity professionals at Consortium Networks help you build an effective CSIRT that properly handles a likely attack on your systems.