About Consortium

Your Cybersecurity Concierge

Our Mission

Consortium Networks is the trusted Cyber Concierge, helping our clients solve their toughest cybersecurity problems


We are a cybersecurity risk, technology, and networking organization on a joint mission to connect and educate the community. We founded Consortium to change the “game” and help our clients make sense of the spaghetti labyrinth they call cybersecurity. By mapping our clients’ controls to industry standards and risk, we help them reduce complexity and risk to their organization and
people. The outcome: clients will quickly understand their gaps and realize the impacts of their investment decisions, strengthening their cyber hygiene, and ultimately, protecting the business.

Our Concierge way of working sets us apart and follows four timeless principles of customer service: attitude, consistency, service, and teamwork. We are devoted to helping others selflessly in both our work and personal communities.

Our Values

Consortium Networks is a veteran-owned business built on Trust, Integrity, Collaboration, and Altruism. We have high ethical standards and infuse these
values into every aspect of our company. Whether we are serving a client, partner, or fellow employee, we will always lead with our values and strive to do the
right thing.

The first job of a Consortium employee is to create Trust by:

  • Role modeling the values, behaviors, and actions the company expects us to follow
  • Empowering and entrusting our team members to take ownership of relationships and solutions
  • Looking out for one another and believing our colleaques have the company’s best interests at heart
  • Following through on tasks and commitments

Consortium employees do what’s right with no expectation of reciprocation. We:

  • Give back to our communities and charitable organizations
  • Show kindness and compassion for others with the mentality of “How can I help?”
  • Always consider the impact of our decisions and actions on others
  • Enable a people-first culture in our actions and behaviors


Consortium employees do the right thing even when no one is looking. We: 

  • Exemplify honesty in all interactions
  • Act ethically and morally in all situations
  • Prioritize building and strengthening long-term relationships over transactional short-term benefits
  • Are consistent and uncompromising in our commitment to helping others


Consortium employees are actively conscious of how our personality and leadership style affect others. We consistently:

  • Display unbroken professional courtesy and respect to others regardless of status or position
  • Understand and demonstrate the value of working as a team to make a positive impact
  • Foster meaningful relationships of mutual respect and trust
  • Engage with others proactively to openly exchange ideas and solutions to problems and commitments


Why sign up for the Metrics that Matter Platform?


Built by CISOs and board members, MTM helps leaders understand, manage, visualize, and strengthen their security posture based on risk exposure from gaps in their cybersecurity program. MTM is a software-as-a-service tool that provides CIOs, CFOs, CISOs, and other stakeholders quick insight into quantitative measurements, which provide useful metrics and defensible investment decisions.

MTM quickly models information security risk to an organization’s actual profile versus sector peers using industry standard frameworks such as NIST, CSF and MITRE.

Plus, it is available for free. Why wait? Join today.

  • no-cost-no-risk
    No Risk. No Cost.

    There is no cost, risk, or obligation to participate in the Consortium X.

  • intelligence-exchange
    Intelligence eXchange

    The platform is fueled by the exchange of ideas and opinions of our members. Therefore, we ask you to participate.

  • subjet-matter-experts
    Subject Matter Experts

    Our strength and effectiveness come from the collective input of our members. Tap into subject matter expertise from professionals with extensive technology and IT security expertise.

    After submitting your information, one of our team members will contact you to set up a brief interview to ensure our community is the right for you.