About Consortium

Leveraging the power of connections

Navigating the technology and cybersecurity markets is becoming more frustrating and confusing every day. At Consortium, we connect like-minded technology professionals to leverage their combined knowledge to add clarity and ease the frustration of choosing the right products and solutions.

Our Expertise

With our engineering roots, we know that the best evaluation and advice around technology comes from the subject matter experts that use the products every day.

Our Expertise

How We Help

We solicit and consolidate this information and make it available to help you make the best decisions for your business.

How We Help

Our Values

We are a veteran-owned business built on honesty, integrity, moral principles, and high ethical standards. We infuse these values into every aspect of our company.

Our Values

Why Join Consortium X Solution Intelligence eXchange?

The Consortium X Solution Intelligence eXchange is your portal to the truth about the IT, physical, and cybersecurity products you are evaluating today.

  • no-cost-no-risk
    No Risk. No Cost.

    There is no cost, risk, or obligation to participate in the Consortium X.

  • intelligence-exchange
    Intelligence eXchange

    The platform is fueled by the exchange of ideas and opinions of our members. Therefore, we ask you to participate.

  • subjet-matter-experts
    Subject Matter Experts

    Our strength and effectiveness come from the collective input of our members. Tap into subject matter expertise from professionals with extensive technology and IT security expertise.

    After submitting your information, one of our team members will contact you to set up a brief interview to ensure our community is the right for you.