Why join


Other organizations are sponsored by outside third parties which influence the data, metrics and advice they distribute. They also do not have actionable and operational intelligence to help save time and money by providing real-time feedback. Other organizations also charge large fees for vendors to participate in meetings which may force smaller startups from participating – often eliminating the best solution for Consortium members.

Membership in the Consortium is free – we only ask you to share your ideas and participate in the intelligence exchange.  Join the conversation today!


Reduce risk

The Consortium represents customers sharing their experiences around use cases and solutions. We help mitigate risk of purchasing products that don’t fit your environment or don’t perform to requirements.

“I have people testing products all the time. With all their expertise and testing I still only have a 50/50 shot that it’s going to working in my size environment. The Consortium shows me that other companies my size have successfully implemented the solution. This take my risk from 50/50 to about 70/30 and that is better than any other group or forum you can buy!”

CISO- Financial Services Company

Cutting through Noise

The Consortium is 100% based on customer feedback from decision makers responsible for security in their organization. The feedback is unfiltered, but the sources are verified.

“I go to all the events and I’m just inundated with marketing noise of vendors. I couldn’t tell you one vendor from another. The Consortium shows me how other companies are using solutions and what is working in their environment. That just makes sense.”

CISO-Media Company

We > ME

Consortium is based on the Crowdsourcing of information of your peers. It gives you a holistic view of what other CISOs are using to help solve issues.

"Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." --Vince Lombardi

“The Consortium helps me not re-invent the wheel.  I have a network of peers I trust and run ideas past, but the Consortium has so many different verticals and people with more ideas that I couldn’t possible have the capacity to maintain.”

CISO- Media Company

Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter expertise comes from the knowledge and expertise of people who have done this before. The Consortium helps sharing that knowledge and expertise.

“The people using solutions have the best opinions of the solution. The real SMEs are the CISOs using the products every day. The power of the great community has proven more effective than one person's opinion.”

President - Consortium

New Ideas

Consortium has forums to share tools, techniques and ideas. The forum also keeps a repository of all the ideas.

“I’ve been telling everyone for over 10 years how to reduce all the email based attacks by 95% for almost no cost. No one has taken me up on how. Maybe this will work and people can take advantage of what I’ve been using for years.”