What does your product do?

Zscaler enables customers to embrace a cloud-centric approach to networking/computing.

What problem does it solve?

Zscaler enables customer to address a broad array of security and network transformation challenges.

How are you different from competitors?

Zscaler is differentiated primarily because it is a “born in the cloud” solution. This global cloud platform allows Zscaler to cost-effectively deliver its solution to users any where on any device.

Who has done this before?

We have 5,000+ customers globally with more than 15M users. Among this customers base as some of the world’s most well known brands - GE, McKesson, Morgan Stanley, P&G, Starbucks.

How are you going to show measurable results?

The Zscaler portal is a robust tool that provides detailed insights into what threats Zscaler has prevents, statistics about use, etc.  Reports are available for C-Level consumption all the way to detailed security analysis.