What does your product do?

The SafeBreach Continuous Security Validation Platform simulates the Hackers' Playbook™ of hacker breach methods to find breach scenarios in an organization’s infrastructure before an attacker does.

What problem does it solve?

SafeBreach allows organizations to quantify their risks from breaches and validate their security controls, without impact to their environment, acting like an “automated, continuously-validating red team” on a platform. In short, SafeBreach platform can be used as an offensive security tool to proactively look at the security controls in the environment.

How are you different from competitors?

As a true enterprise ready solution, SafeBreach differentiates in this market with a number of unique capabilities:

Business impact

SafeBreach focuses on the business impact of a breach to a customer by enabling organizations to customize the types of assets most important to simulate, and showing the results in terms of business impact such as:

  • Kill chain perspective –understand where to focus efforts and break the kill chain
  • Operational efficiencies – track exposure time and efficiency of blue team in remediating issues
  • Business reports – enables organizations to identify most effective mitigation plan, and track security posture progress over time

Most comprehensive breach methods

SafeBreach Labs is a leading offensive security research team, developing hacker breach methods based on analysis of breaches in the headlines. In addition, SafeBreach Labs also embarks in active research to identify new breach methods; sharing this with the community via presentations at Defcon and BlackHat. Breach methods include all possible techniques that an actual hacker might use, ranging from brute force, malware and exploits in addition to vulnerabilities.

Platform approach

SafeBreach is designed to integrate with all existing security products including the following:

  • Security Information and Event Management Systems (SIEMs)
  • Ticketing Systems
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Security Automation and Orchestration systems

Support for widest breadth of simulation coverage

SafeBreach simulators can be deployed across network, endpoint and cloud. This ensures comprehensive coverage across an entire enterprise’s security systems and zone.

Flexible deployments

SafeBreach deployments are the most flexible in the industry, ranging from on premise and a hybrid approach to an all-cloud deployment. Simulators can be deployed in a phased approach – starting with an initial set of simulators in specific security zones, and expanding when the organization is ready to scale. All simulators can be customized for different roles once deployed, enabling security analysts to simulate “what if” scenarios.

Who has done this before?

SafeBreach is engaged with numerous Fortune 100 companies who have deployed and are evaluating the platform.  The interest in this capability is extremely high given the fact it uniquely addresses the critical question – “How secure am I?” – at a time when firms clearly need to improve their ability to understand:

  • Attack risks with clear, actionable data
  • Breach scenarios before they actually occur
  • ROI from current security investments

How do you show measurable results?

SafeBreach can be deployed to address multiple use cases many which enable a client to get a clear baseline of their business risk which can then be addressed and re-assessed on a continuous basis.  Below are three common use cases to highlight:

Validating Network and Host based security controls

SafeBreach will help clients frequently validate their Network and Host based security controls by simulating real world breaches in the environment with no impact or business risk.

Validating incident response procedures

SafeBreach will enable to validate their incident response procedures and process by simulating live scenarios in the environment, testing current procedures and identifying gaps.

Accelerating ROI on current

SafeBreach can be used to validate that the current security tools set are properly configured to send the appropriate alerts within a client’s environment.