What does your product do?

Ataata can help reduce the time, cost and reputational risk associated with security breaches caused by human error. It's becoming increasingly difficult for security professionals to do their job effectively when human error is so rampant in the workplace. Every single employee represents a point of vulnerability. And one sloppy mistake can have devastating consequences for a company and the people tasked with protecting its data and networks. Ataata's security awareness training platform was designed to help security professionals minimize risk by showing employees why their actions matter and compelling them to make smarter security decisions.

What problems do you solve?

The vast majority of all security breaches involve human error.  Despite the best efforts of security professionals, the amount of time and money spent dealing with these breaches is on the rise.  Breaches are massively expensive for companies and incredibly time consuming for security professionals, who spend upwards of three hours each day dealing with employee negligence.

Multiple studies point to the problem of human error in the workplace and the cost that breaches have on businesses.
Ataata's leadership consists of experts in the field of cybersecurity, who have decades of experience and understand the challenge that all companies face.  Michael Madon, CEO and Co-Founder of Ataata, has testified before Congress on the global cyber threat and served on the boards of public communications and cyber security companies.  He also served as the US Treasury Department's first Deputy Assistant Secretary, Intelligence Community Integration, where he developed strategies to help the department identify and mitigate cyber risks and vulnerabilities. The CISO of the Blackstone Group sits on Ataata's board of directors. And a member of Ataata's board of advisors, who currently serves as the President of Thomspon Reuters Special Services, is the former Deputy Director of the FBI.


How are you different from competitors?

The demand for effective awareness training is growing rapidly.  And while most security professionals agree that training is the best way to tackle employee indifference, traditional training solutions don't work. Ataata offers a better way and can help companies produce tangible results.

Who has done this before?

Within the first three months of using our product, 65% of employees indicated that they had changed something in their daily lives to make them more secure. Multiple companies across a wide range of industries (including finance, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, tech and media) are currently using the Ataata platform. Ataata has been incredibly well received by employees and the security professionals who are monitoring their training progress. We're happy to provide references upon request.

How do you show measurable results?

Ataata understands that awareness training only has value if you can measure its effectiveness.  Our dashboard, which converts real-time date into actionable information, does that three different ways.  First, the dashboard monitors performance.  Specifically, what percentage of employees have watched their videos and what percentage have answered their knowledge questions correctly?  Tracking achievement helps companies recognize their strengths and identify potential problem areas.  Next, the attitude tracker assesses how employees feel about security and monitors how their attitude changes over time.  Finally, Ataata's industry comparison tool shows companies how their employees are performing compared to their industry specifically and compared to all major industries in general.