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August Newsletter
Monthly Newsletter

Consortium Networks Monthly Newsletter: August

This month’s edition of the Consortium Networks Monthly Newsletter is a huge policy roundup! Our semi-annual Washington Watch is out along with an overview of the current state of data privacy regulation ...

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Monthly Newsletter

Consortium Networks’ Monthly Newsletter: July

Welcome back to the Consortium Networks monthly newsletter, now sent out on Monday. Hopefully, this change will help out with clearing out that inbox ahead of the weekend! Let us know what you think. Th...

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Risk Management

The State of Cybersecurity: Local Governments

The City of Dallas fell victim to a crippling ransomware attack on May 3rd, an event which it has only recently recovered from well over a month later. At its worst, the attack impacted a wide variety of city s...

June Newsletter-2
Monthly Newsletter

Consortium Networks’ Monthly Newsletter: June

Consortium Networks has had a great kick-off to the Summer with many work-iversaries and other celebrations to kick off June. In addition, our powerhouse team of interns have settled in well and have been absol...

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Platforms & Solutions

AI Integration with Security Platforms

AI has been and continues to be one of– if not the– hottest topic of conversation in tech circles and beyond and cybersecurity is no exception.  Recorded Future kicked off the revolution by integrating ...

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Risk Management

The Cyber Insurance Labyrinth

Businesses and their boards are increasingly doubting the validity of cyber insurance and for good reason. The cyber insurance marketplace has become increasingly confusing, exclusionary, and expensive. The ...

May Newsletter
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Consortium Networks Monthly Newsletter: May

May is a very exciting month here at Consortium Networks with a slew of birthdays and our new class of interns joining the team throughout the month. To kick off the month, this newsletter covers a wide array o...

Risk Management

Sifting Through the Hype: Insider Threat, ChatGPT and Cybersecurity

This is the second iteration of a Consortium Networks assessment on the risks posed by ChatGPT. Our first assessment can be found here and discusses the platform’s ability to write malicious code. This as...

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Hearing Report

Hearing Report: Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities to the United States’ Energy Infrastructure Hearing Report

March 23, 2023 Full Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Hearing to Examine Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities to the U.S. Energy Infrastructure Witnesses: Mr. Puesh M. Kumar: Director, Office ...

April Newsletter-2
Monthly Newsletter

Consortium Networks Monthly Newsletter: April

The Cherry Blossoms of DC have come and gone and, somehow, so has the month of March. The month kicked off with the much-anticipated National Cyber Strategy, spurring a flurry of activity in the cyber world. In...