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May Newsletter
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Consortium Networks Monthly Newsletter: May

May is a very exciting month here at Consortium Networks with a slew of birthdays and our new class of interns joining the team throughout the month. To kick off the month, this newsletter covers a wide array o...

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Companies Face New SEC Regulations 

Many companies are now grappling with the imminent enforcement of the new SEC regulations. According to Davis Polk, this affects specifically “market entities” including “many types of broker-dealers, clearing ...

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Hearing Report

Hearing Report: Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities to the United States’ Energy Infrastructure Hearing Report

March 23, 2023 Full Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Hearing to Examine Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities to the U.S. Energy Infrastructure Witnesses: Mr. Puesh M. Kumar: Director, Office ...

April Newsletter-2
Monthly Newsletter

Consortium Networks Monthly Newsletter: April

The Cherry Blossoms of DC have come and gone and, somehow, so has the month of March. The month kicked off with the much-anticipated National Cyber Strategy, spurring a flurry of activity in the cyber world. In...

Policy Explainer

New EPA Mandatory Requirement Shows What’s to Come for Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Regulation

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released mandatory regulations aimed at the cybersecurity of U.S. water filtration systems by requiring states to survey the networks governing drinking water filtratio...

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Risk Management

The State of Cybersecurity in Higher Education

The Catalyst Students at six different institutions of higher learning in Louisiana missed days to weeks of class this month because of cyberattacks. At one university, Southeastern University of Louisiana,...

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What the New National Cyber Strategy Means for Your Business

On March 2nd, the Biden Administration released the much-anticipated National Cyber Strategy (NCS). The NCS outlines and defines the White House’s goals in cyber policy making and gives us insight into what the...

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Monthly Newsletter

Consortium Networks Monthly Newsletter: March

Happy Women’s History Month! Consortium Networks is proud of its Story Behind the Story: Women in Cybersecurity interview series and is thrilled to feature an interview with Theresa Payton, the first fema...

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Policy Explainer

A Shifting Liability Landscape

As things stand now, when a company falls victim to a cyberattack, it is held liable for that incident. Vendors and manufacturers are able to push out products riddled with vulnerabilities without fear of signi...

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The State of Cybersecurity in K-12 Education

Though the majority of us lament it, we all see that K-12 schools are chronically underfunded. Cleveland School District in the Mississippi Delta kicked off the new school year in August without air conditionin...