What We Offer


How many security vendors do you hear from each week? 

With every new (or old) security threat comes a host of new products, new claims and new complexity.  How do you sort through these solutions when you have very little time outside your daily obligations to do the necessary research and testing to make an informed decision?

This is the precise challenge that led to the creation of the Consortium. The Consortium provides an aggregation of accurate, unbiased information and up-to-date research analysis from your peers on their real-world security-based implementations and uses cases.  

We have almost 100 companies currently involved - from the Fortune 50, Financial Services, Technology, Media, Agriculture, Pharma, Education, Transportation, Government, Retail, Chemical and Legal verticals, to  multi-national conglomerates.


As a member of the Consortium you will have access to a plethora of resources, including:

Product Reviews

Consortium Network’s intelligence forum is a group of subject matter experts, like yourself, who share information about the technologies they have deployed to solve complex business security problems.

Participants share intelligence on established companies and new start-ups and the emerging risks and problems they solve.

Product Testing

Frustrated with the results of the current product testing in the market, we developed a way to test products to their capabilities. Instead of just speeds and feeds, our method tests the products, while also collaborating with the vendors to get their input to the overall solution. We focus on delivering the most accurate snapshot of the products capabilities.


Forums are laid out for communication between CISOs anonymously. You can ask questions about trends, opinions of start-up companies, and how other companies are implementing solutions.


The Consortium helps CISOs stay up today on views, data points and technology by correlating all the latest feeds into one platform.

Best Practices

Sharing CISO-to-CISO best practices is the core of what we do. We enable our members to share lessons learned to help others avoid pitfalls and leverage proven strategies and technologies.


  • Eliminate hours a week on intelligence gathering about solutions and security start-ups
  • Reduce product sales pitches
  • Increase business success by leveraging other C-levels cross vertical experience in a real-world environment
  • Receive actionable, operational and unbiased intelligence on solutions