Washington Watch:
Cyber Risk Management
and Assessment

Download the January - June 2022 Edition


Action in Washington for the first half of 2022 within cybersecurity risk management and assessment has centered around a number of key themes, with some differentiation between the Executive and Legislative branches. The Executive Branch, particularly the Department of Commerce, has focused heavily on the protection of critical infrastructure, risk prioritization, and consumer security and privacy.

This report covers the resulting Executive Order, rules, and a number of guidances that have been produced out of the various executive and bureaucratic offices, and why Congress has prioritized threat monitoring, protection of critical infrastructure, consumers and small businesses, and tackling cybercrime.

Washington Watch

What are Washington Watch reports?

Washington Watch is an amalgamation of executive, congressional, and judicial action on various topics within cybersecurity designed to inform on the trends and conversations happening in Washington surrounding cyber. We hope the information provided here will help your organization prepare for any changes it will need to make based on legislation or other federal action that may be taken and that it will start a conversation about the national movement towards greater cybersecurity and resilience.