In Style and Insecure: Cybersecurity in the Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry Threat Profile

Learn what threats the fashion industry is facing and how to mitigate these risks.

The fashion industry is not part of the critical infrastructure landscape, but that does not make it immune to cyber threats. Both nation-state groups and criminal actors can and are targeting the industry for financial gain, so much so that the industry is the third most targeted sector in Australia according to cybersecurity researchers. 

The threats faced by this industry can be loosely categorized into three buckets: logistical, outside, and inherent business risks. Logistics-related risks include complex software and physical supply chains and a global reach. Outside factors exacerbating risk in the fashion industry are the cybersecurity talent gap and the difficulty of quantifying risk in an industry where there is not significant government focus on cybersecurity. Finally, inherent business risks include things like the importance of intellectual property and first-mover advantage and a high rate of mergers and acquisitions in the industry.