Consortium Z: Threat Intelligence Platform

A free, cloud-based threat intelligence aggregation platform that enables you to quickly check your indicators against known malicious activity.

Helping Threat Analysts Overcome Common Challenges

A common challenge for threat analysts today is the shear amount of data available. Consortium Z allows a single point from which to search across multiple Threat Intelligence sources for faster threat detection and response.

Consortium Z is a redesign of the popular OSINT Grabber tool and allows users to query intelligence APIs to receive a data-centric view of indicator intelligence.

With the ability to gather information from a multitude of open source and subscription-based intelligence services — Consortium Z provides a complete view of what security providers know about provided indicators.

Key Features

Intel Scraper

Takes free form text and parses out indicators resulting in a structured format usable by many tools, including Consortium Z itself.

Optional Feedback Form

Allows users to make public and private notes that are stored within the tool for later personal use or to provide additional context to others searching for the same indicator. Users can provide and receive feedback on previous indicator searches which may provide additional context and facilitate collaboration between organizations.


Consortium Z will display the most commonly searched indicators and a search history for indicators over time as a heat map.

Demo of Consortium Z

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