b'Story Behind the Story: Interview with Nashira Washington LayadeD F:Having have worked under so many talented people, what do you say D F:Is it ever too early to start building a foundation for success?are your best qualities?NASHIRA:NASHIRA: Not at all. My son is exasperated at how much I push math and science on him, but its the way I was raised.Im personable. Im honest. I share a lot with my team and I give them my time. Every one of my direct reportsMy parents consistently pushed me to always be a top student. I once got a 92 percent on a test and my has my home and personal cell phone numbers. They know that if they need me, all they have to do is pickfather said Baby, you can do better. You can get a 100. The next test I made the 100 and his response was up the phone. They also know I fight for them and protect them to get the job done. If there is conflict, blameOh, this is good baby, but did you ask for extra credit? I was only in the fourth or fifth grade at the time. meso & so was following my direction.Because of that foundation, I constantly push myself and those around me. There is no such thing as good From an executive management perspective, Im strategic and get things done. I work really hard and smart.enough or resting on laurels. I always ask myself Whats next? Whats next to achieve and conquer, Nashira? Give me time and Ill figure the problem out. I also know that when I get home, I have to be a mommy and wife. I do realize that at some point I have to slow down. I am sometimes afraid that Ill get to 59, retire, and my brain will conk out from over-exhaustion from being constantly pushed. It wont know how to rest and relax.D Do you bring different qualities? F: If you were to meet the most interesting person in the world, what F: NASHIRA: D is it you would want them to know about you?While I have a technical background, I havent strictly focused on technology in years. I have to gauge technology and listen to the business needs: What technology can I implement to get you what you need. NASHIRA:That staying grounded matters. My family is everything, and Ive been blessed beyond belief. My parents Regulatory and technology perspectives are strengths of mine. I can use a regulation to guide my decision.have been amazing. They worked their tails off to get me where I am. Considering where I grew up, statistically Some of the other CISOs are hard core technologists. They get caught up in that. In my opinion, being aspeaking, Im not supposed to be where I am. Its important to remember from where you came and to CISO is all about risk management. The board is expecting me to manage cyber and information risk. give back.It is important for me to be seen as a partner to the business. Often, security is the voice of No, which is theD F:You describe the company mission at Realogy: We do real-estateroadblock. I take the time to listen before I act.and holistic management of real-estate. What worries you mostD F:Essentially there has been a revolution insecurity since you started.as CISO? :Can you elaborate a bit? NASHIRAIts really interesting to partner with independent agents, many in the 50-60 age range, who are responsible NASHIRA: for the largest transaction of a persons life. Theyre not employees, and I cannot control their devices. When I first got into InfoSec in 2000-2002, B2B started to explode; just an advance in the technology in general.Reputational risk is huge. If something major were to happen to one of our brands, it can present a major It has really shifted from straight network security, which is why my masters degree is in telecom. Now therisk to our company. This is what keeps me up at night.field combines cyber security, general InfoSec, risk management, infrastructure, incident response, technical cyber-security, training, and awareness. 18 years ago, the multi-faceted nature of InfoSec did not exist.D F:Do you still have a love affair with InfoSec? There is no such thing as good NASHIRA:Yes. I felt the same way when I was first introduced to the field. Ive been blessed to reach this stage ofenough or resting on laurels. I always my career before the age of 40. I plan to retire at age 59. So, 20 years to go. Im grappling with whatsask myself Whats next? Whats nextnext. Im flirting with law school and am figuring out how to bridge that with my security experience.to achieve and conquer, Nashira?I did what my dad wanted me to do in pursuing the engineering, but I am a big supporter of having underrepresented minorities pursue careers in math and science.Page 5 Page 6'