b'Story Behind the Story: Interview with Nashira Washington LayadeD F: With respect to changing jobs and taking on new challenges, D F:How do you develop women in the what is your guiding principle?organization?NASHIRA: NASHIRA:I do not fear change, and I dont fear taking on new and challenging roles. I search for opportunities thatI have a team of 33. Five of them are women that are responsible for allow me to expand both my knowledge and skill-base. One thing Ive been very big on is stability the information security and privacy of 12,000 employees and 55,000+ because my mortgage has to be paid. After three and a half years at Citi, I went to Prudential Financial inagents. We have to kick ass. This year we became a sponsor of the Newark. This was at the time when HIPAA Hi-Tech and the Massachusetts data breach privacy lawExecutive Womens Forum. I am very vocal with both my team and came out. My role was a 50-50 split between information security and data privacy. During that time, IHR about my interest in hiring from a diverse candidate base, with got married, pregnant and took some time off to deal with a family emergency. a specific emphasis on women. Im all about encouraging women, supporting them, and pushing them to reach their maximum D F: In 2011, Nashira was hired at Time Warner, which waspotential (and beyond). I send the women on my team articles, industry events, and anything of interest that will build them up anddeveloping and maturing its corporate security program.motivate them. I talk to themreally talk to them and ask where they NASHIRA: want to be and how I can help make the next best move for their career. Im also aware of how men interact. I grab pizza, beers, and talk football. Similar to when I was at Bloomberg, Time Warner was another acceleration point for my career. BeforeJust because Im a woman, doesnt mean I cant be one of the boys as well. I joined the company, they didnt have a data privacy program in place. I ran the corporate informationMy office is a revolving door.security, data privacy and information risk management program for nearly five years. By this time, Id been in the field for 16 years building my career to be a CISO. When Time Warners firstD F: What about equal pay?Im all about encouraging CISO role posted, I didnt apply because of the decentralized nature of the organization. If somethingwomen, supporting them, were to impact any of the TW divisions, it may have impacted the entire company and impacted the stockNASHIRA:price. It was too risky operating in a decentralized organization, and the CISO has the ultimate responsibilityand pushing them to for cyber risk across the enterprise. I knew I wanted to be a CISO, but the Time Warner model didnt work forWhen I first started at Realogy, I conducted a salaryreach their maximum evaluation to self-educate. I also talk to my staff aboutme. The opportunity at Realogy came along and it offered a chance to buildI love to build. market reference range & other concepts to help thempotential (and beyond). D F: Youve had significant roles at 5 major organizations since graduating understand their market worth. college. What lessons did you learn at each organization?D F: Have you always been able to have so-called life/work balance?NASHIRA: NASHIRA:Bloomberg, Global Head, Sept 2002 - Nov 2005:Allow other people to say no, but dont say no to yourself. I only had 3 years experience in the field, not the minimum five years experience required in thePart of my rationale for leaving Time Warner was that my work/life balance started to get crazy. When I first job posting. My boss liked me, saw something in me, and hired me. Just go for it.started there, I worked from home once a week. Unfortunately, there were changes in management that did Citibank, VP Senior Risk Control Officer, Nov 2005 - March 2009:Dont be afraid to move around. The greatnot support remote-work and other types of flexibility that I relied upon. Thats not what I signed up for. thing about being in an organization with 300,000 employees is you can discover different parts of theMy priority is my son. He is first. Period. Point blank. I often tell my husband that if I die first, there are only organization. For me, the big thing was moving from a corporate position to working in a business unit, so Ithree paragraphs to summarize my life and that he should not waste any letters, words, sentences, could fully understand the complaints, and how to resolve them.paragraphs about what I accomplished professionally. I love my career but being a CISO does not define Prudential Financial, Director InfoSec, March 2009 - January 2011:Prudential was all about the data security.me. Its what I do, not who I am. My husband knows to use my three paragraphs to describe who I was as a It was the first time I had a reporting line into women. Prior to this role, I worked mostly for and with men.Wife, a Mom, and a Christian and talk about how I helped my community. By comparison it was such an emotionally toxic environment. I learned how to be mindful of managing. That experience made me a kick ass manager and taught me how women sometimes overcompensate dueI was blessed that my mom was a teacher. I had her around during summers. During the summer, my son to the different way we are often judged in Corporate America.stays with my parents in Georgia because Im working. I bust my behind to give him a good life. I believe, Realogy, SVP Chief Information Security Officer:Compared to the other organizations for which Ivefundamentally, that parents are minimally responsible to provide as good a life as their parents provided for worked, its unregulated. Thats one of the reasons I love it. I can be a little more creative. Ive been able tothem. My parents sacrificed A LOT to send me to schools like Andover and the University of Pennsylvania transform the security program - now its more risk-based. Here, I can build and, as I mentioned earlier, Iwhile supporting all my extracurricular activities (piano, viola, gymnastics, swimming, etc.).get excited about building.Page 3 Page 4'