b'Story Behind the Story: Interview with Nashira Washington LayadeNashira Washington Layade is SVP, Chief Information Security Officer for Realogy Holdings Corp. The company elevated the CISO role to an SVP level when Layade arrived. Interview withBorn in Brooklyn, she was convinced she would go to Harvard and become a divorce NASHIRAlawyer. With a strong aptitude in math and science, Nashiras dad had other plans for her.D F:Tell us a little bit about your background and what drove you into theWASHINGTONtech industry.LAYADE NASHIRA:My dad told me I was going to be an engineer. I went to a high school summer program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and studied tech and loved it, but I thought, Okay, fine. Ill be an engineer. For college, I got into MIT, but much to my parents disappointment, chose University of Pennsylvania for the opportunity to combine both engineering and business classes at Wharton.SVP, ChiefI majored in Computer Science and between my junior and senior year, I landed an internship at Telcordia Information Technologies and was offered a full-time job upon graduating. At Telcordia, I was first introduced to InfoSec, and I fell in love and never looked back. There, I was supposed to be a consultant and do assessments of Security Officerbanks, primarily in South America, but the company took a downturn. Realogy Holdings Corp. After Telcordia, I went to The Windermere Group as a United States government contractor. I worked outof Fort Monmouth supporting the first Afghan war, Operation Enduring Freedom, doing intrusion detection and penetration testing to keep the systems safe there.D F:The cyclical nature of government contract work and its financialuncertainty wasnt something Nashira liked. And, she was ready to put down roots and buy a home. Just over a year after graduating, shewas hired at Bloomberg LP. NASHIRA:I was 23 and worked third shift at Bloomberg, which was not so good for my social life. I worked 12-hour shifts, from 7 PM Saturday night to 7AM Wednesday morning. Because I had off Wednesday through Friday, I was able to get a masters degree in Telecommunication Networks at Polytechnic University before it merged with New York University.At Bloomberg, I worked in the data center monitoring their Intrusion Detection Systems. After 10 months, there was an opportunity on the corporate side to work directly for the CISO. They were looking for someone with 5 to 7 years experience. I had 3-years experience, but thought, Heck Ill let someone tell me NO before I tell myself NO. I got hired. My boss was really amazing, taught me a lot and didnt hold me back. After working for Bloomberg for 3 years, I was ready for another challenge and wanted to learn more about the tech industry. Citibank hired me to do security analysis for mergers & acquisitions but then converted my role into conducting third-party vendor reviews. It was a massive organization, and I was able to move around the organization supporting both corporate as well as a revenue generating business unit.P Page 2Paaggee11'