b'S Stotoryry B Beehhinindd t hthee S Stotoryry: I: nIntetervrvieieww w witihth P Sautrsiacnia K Toitsuksi Interview with Patricia TitusPatricia Titus has held many interesting jobs. She began her career stationed in Japanas a morse code operator for the United States Air Force; moved on to the U.S. State Department; raised a family while working in Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Africa; and Chief Information was the first person named CISO of a federal agency, a title she has held at several Security Officer and Fortune 500 companies. Chief Privacy Officer Markel Corporation D F:When Markel approached you, you had left corporate America andwere consulting for the Ponemon Institute, a research center dedicated to privacy, data protection and information security policy. What was it about Markel that pulled you back into the corporate world? PATRICIA:I wasnt sure I wanted to keep being a CISO. The head of Markels IT governance at the time had been given my name as a possible candidate for the CISO role. During our firstI always ask one question conversation, she and I talked for a few hours and reallywhen interviewing: connected. I always ask one question when interviewing:Are you checking a Are you checking a compliance box? The answer matterscompliance box? The because its a gauge for how committed the company will be to security and with regulatory law pressing companiesanswer matters because to hire CISOs. It can be a check-the-box exercise. Markelsits a gauge for how answer was honest, Yes, we are checking a box, but its a verycommitted the company small one. will be to security and with Markel was committed to finding a cyber-security expert whoregulatory law pressing could build a program not just for compliance reasons, but to meaningfully enhance their security program. And, they were willing to commit the assets and visibility necessary to do the job. I found that intriguing.D F:What factors did you weigh in making your decision to go to Markel? PATRICIA:Markels culture and commitment were the key factors. The environment at my previous job was not very good, and I had left with my self-esteem and confidence shaken. I found the environment at Markel As Chief Privacy and Information Security Officer for Markel Corporation, a multi-nationalto be completely the opposite. Everyone I met during the interview process was so genuine, to the point company specializing in insurance, reinsurance and investment operations, Titus talksI thought, this is too good to be true. Leaders actually wanted to do whats right for the companyno honestly about preparing for breaches, having an exit strategy, the importance ofairs, no political agendaand they were genuinely looking for someone to come in and rebuild the mentoring, and her quest to always be better. entire program.P PagePPagage e2 28Paagge e 21'