b'Consortium NetworksWho We Are TABLE OF CONTENTSWe provide everything you need to overcome security challenges.Nashira Washington Layade . . Pages 1 - 6SIMPLY PUT, WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU. NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Nashira Washington Layade is SVP, Chief Information Security Officer for Realogy Holdings Corp. The company elevated the CISO role to an SVP level when Layade arrived. Born in Consortium Networks is committed to providing businesses with the most relevant, up-to-dateBrooklyn, she was convinced she would go to Harvard and become a divorce lawyer. With a technology information, with a focus on cybersecurity. By connecting technology customers, vendors, strong aptitude in math and science, Nashiras dad had other plans for her.and experts, we strive to be the go-to resource for guidance regarding all your IT requirements. Weare the first organization dedicated to providing real-world feedback and data on solutions in operation Susan Koski Pages 6 - 14 and production environments at peer organizations.As Senior Vice President and Director of Security and Fraud Operations at PNC Bank, Susan Koski manages a team of 430 cyber and fraud professionals. She is driven bycuriosity and We educate and connect the IT security community througha constant need to learn. In cybersecurity, she says, You never have the same day twice. the power of people and crowdsourced threat intelligence. DCrowdsourced SolutionNow juggling the demands of motherhood, Koski shares some of the lessons she has learned The more knowledge we have as a collective, the safer we all are. Intelligence Exchange Portal along the way.Cyberattacks are the fastest growing crime in the U.S., and they areDThreat Intelligence Platformincreasing in size, sophistication and cost. As a security professional,Quiessence Phillips Pages 15 - 20its critical to understand the most effective solutions out there alongD Executive-Level Collaborationwith actions you can take to prevent and/or minimize the impact andQuiessence Phillips built a career in cybersecurity by first taking things apart. In her role as devastation of a cyberattack. This is where Consortium can help. DSecOps Training Deputy CISO, Threat Management for NYC Cyber Command, she has helped unify the citys once decentralized cybersecurity network to safeguard its IT systems and protect vital services. Consortium provides the knowledge and tools IT security professionalsDExpert IT and CybersecurityPhillips has risen quickly in a predominantly male-dominated field and learned how to manage need to overcome the challenges they face every day. Through our no-costConsulting in what she calls its bromance culture.resources, we provide expert operational know-how, crowdsourcedintelligence platforms, threat training, and more. In addition, we are aDTrusted Reseller Experience trusted reseller of top-notch security productsall which are extensivelyand Valued Partner Patricia Titus. Pages 21 - 30evaluated by our team before adding to our suite of offerings. As Chief Privacy and Information Security Officer for Markel Corporation, a multi-national Think of us as an all-inclusive source of technology information that helps DMemorable Networkingcompany specializing in insurance, reinsurance and investment operations, Patricia Titus talks you sort through the myriad of security offerings while creating valuable Events honestly about preparing for breaches, having an exit strategy, the importance of mentoring,business relationships and providing a means to do your job more effectively.and her quest to always be better. The best part ismost of what we offer is totally free, with no strings attached. DCommunity FocusedMichelle Valdez. Pages 31 - 41 United States Air Force veteran Michelle Valdez spent her earlier career at DOD, DNI WHO WE HELP and DHS, and ultimately helped build information sharing relationships between critical infrastructure companies and the government. She now holds the role of Chief Information Security Officer at OneMain Financial. In her interview Michelle talks about the future of risk management, lessons learned from the Capital One breach, Election Security, and how the CISOs & IT Professionals IT Partners Community worst advice she ever got helped catapult her to success.We save you time and keep youEmerging and established vendorsConsortium is committed to up to date by providing the latestcan present their products to arecognizing and helping others technology content, expertise, andgroup of CISOs to obtain feedbackin both our work and personal product information and reviews. and exposure and learn how theircommunities. All interviews were conducted byproducts are being used.DEBORAH FEYERICK800-530-8350 Deborah is an award-winning National Correspondent specializing in security, crime, terrorism contact@consortium.netand breaking news. Deborah was part of CNNs team of anchors & reporters for 20 years.www.consortium.net'