b'Story Behind the Story: Interview with Susan KoskiD F:Cybersecurity, how have you seen it evolve since you got into the field? SUSAN:Where we all started, its identifying patterns and assessing behavior. Its how do we defend against it and how does the adversary change?Im looking for indicators in the digital spacean application that is not acting right. Its very pattern-oriented. Adversaries figure that out. Where we have evolved as an industry: My information is out there. Yours is out there. So, who is trying to use your credit?It now has to evolve past password and similar binary information.Our experience is how I intersect with technology and what I do with that:behavioral risk. With someone who might inbox inside a network, all of a sudden, they are trying to access something theyve never done before; their behavior changes. As adversaries evolve, like a cat and mouse game, everything will be behavioral. How do I know who you are? Do I know how Susan types or Susans actions on our mobile website? Because of the behavior, I have a higher degree of confidence that its Susan. Data science and pattern analysis are more at the forefront of cybersecurity.D F:You have now expanded your role to New Mother. How does thatimpact what you do?SUSAN:It changes you so much. Until you are a mother, you dont know the joys and the priority focus. It has made me much more conscious of my time. I have 430 people working for me, and I can delegate and enable their learning potential with meetings and opportunities. Im much more selective on the meetings that I attend, focusing on the value add. I have great balance, a great husband, and a great nanny. It is about time management. Having a child requires you to be more selective about how you spend the time you have.D F:What is your overall advice to women?SUSAN:A-S-K. N-E-T-W-O-R-K. It is acceptable to ask for what you want. Take your power and change the situation or the story.DID YOU KNOW?Women make up over half the workforce.However, women make up less than 20% of U.S. tech jobs.Page 13 Page 14'