b'Story Behind the Story: Interview with Susan KoskiAs Senior Vice President and Director of Security and Fraud Operations at PNC Bank, Susan Koski manages a team of 430 cyber and fraud professionals. She is driven by Interview withcuriosity and a constant need to learn. In cybersecurity, she says, You never have the same day twice.Now juggling the demands of motherhood, Koski shares some Susan Koskiof the lessons she has learned along the way.Senior Vice PresidentD SUSAN:F: How did you get interested in cybersecurity? and Director of Security I always had an aptitude for math and analytical subjects. My senior year in college, I was exploring what I and Fraud Operationswanted to study. My mom and dad never told me there were limits. It was always, Go do what you want.I did think about law school but decided to pursue engineering as it fed my propensity for math and analytics. PNC Bank I received my electrical engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh and spent the first part of my career in application development for nuclear control systems, performing software testing, validation, as well as coding. During this time, I attended night school at Duquesne University, which had a great program for students who were also working full time. I received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and took a job with a smaller firm, which fed my creative mindset. The company culture was similar to a start-up, and while I enjoyed it, I was searching for more. I attended a job fair and received two offers, taking a position with Mellon Financial in Pittsburgh in their information security department. It was my first job in information security, in an area I knew the least about.D Bank of New York. F: Tell me about that job at Mellon and its subsequent merger with SUSAN:I was at Mellon Financial of Pittsburgh from 1998 to 2006 leading the Network and Perimeter Defense function. Here, I managed defensive operations, vulnerability management, digital forensics and network assessments. When the company merged with Bank of New York, I was brought in to work with senior leadership to merge the Technology Risk and Information Security functions. In that role, I learned about mergers of equals and the key methods to a larger integration, having worked on many mergers and divestitures previously.My mom and dad never told me there were limits. It was always, Go do what you want.Page 17PagePage 8'