b'How We CONSORTIUM X: SOLUTION INTELLIGENCE EXCHANGEHelp No-costMembership PortalProvides crowdsourced and expert information that allows you to make informed decisions when I T P R O F E S S I O N A L S looking for new security solutions. Members canget information on the latest threats; view securityproduct reviews, unbiased security vendor solutions,Consortium offers multiple ways to helpand product evaluations; and receive crowdsourced individuals and organizations in the cyberpeer feedback.security field with challenges, security posture, relationships, and a means to do your job more effectively. The best part ismost of what we offer isCONSORTIUM Z: THREAT totally free, with no strings attached. INTELLIGENCE PLATFORMNo-costCloud-basedAn intelligence aggregation platform that enables you to quickly check your indicators against known malicious activity.'