b'CISOS &IT VENDORS: TECHNOLOGYEMERGING & PROFESSIONALS ESTABLISHEDWe provide the latest technology content,Emerging vendors can present theirexpertise, product information, and productproducts to a group of CISOs to obtain reviews. We know that the best evaluationfeedback and exposure. Established and advice around technology comes fromvendors can showcase their latest solutions the subject matter experts that use theand/or products and take advantage of products every day. Therefore, we connectcrowdsourced information to learn howlike-minded technology professionals totheir offerings are being used in live leverage their combined knowledge to addoperations.clarity and ease the frustration of choosing the right security products and solutions.OURCOMMUNITYConsortium is committed to recognizing and helping others in both our work and personal communities. We are a veteran-owned business built on honesty, integrity, moral principles, and high ethical standards. We infuse these values into every aspect of our company and community.'