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02, 2017

Avecto Defendpoint | Standardized Product Testing Report

Avecto Defendpoint is an endpoint security product that seeks to combine privilege management and application control technology into a single agent capable of eliminating administrative rights across an enterprise. With privileges being assigned to applications rather than users, individuals can still access the applications they need to perform their jobs. Defendpoint gives users the same experience as administrators and collects data that can later be configured to develop a comprehensive end-user solution. But finding the right balance between user freedom and security can be challenging. Enterprises have multiple user types to balance, each which require a tailored endpoint solution that doesn’t compromise security efficacy.

Consortium Standardized Product Testing

Using standardized control objectives, Consortium performed independent product testing of the Defendpoint application. A series of injects against the testing (victim) system were performed by the Consortium assessment team. These tests included:        

  • Baseline system test (no security controls in place)
  • Product baseline (a high flexibility configuration)
  • Product tuned (a low flexibility configuration)

The Results

Avecto Defendpoint is a uniquely valuable solution for post-exploit protection of endpoints. Our full results include:

  • Raw testing data analytics
  • A full list of the injections used to test the product
  • Detailed findings and observations with screenshots from the HTTP shell from the attacker’s point of view

Get full access to the product testing report that includes the procedures and results from The Consortium’s standardized product testing of Avecto Defendpoint.


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