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CIOReview Article: Metrics That Matter


Cybersecurity is much more than just implementing expensive, cutting-edge tools; it is about selecting the right tool at the right moment with proper knowledge. However, even today, several organizations fail to understand this aspect, and they continue to make hefty investments in cybersecurity tools and solutions. Needless to say, these unwanted expenses never pay off, and companies fail to secure their IT infrastructure holistically.

Driven by the zeal to help such companies select the right cybersecurity tools, Larry Pfeifer—with 26 years of experience in IT and cybersecurity—laid the foundation for Consortium Networks.

“At Consortium, we connect like-minded technology professionals and leverage their combined knowledge to add clarity and ease the frustration of choosing the right products and solutions.”

Larry Pfeifer | Founder, Consortium Networks

Built on the proven notion of crowd-sharing intelligence, Consortium X —the company’s no-cost, no-risk information exchange platform—fosters a learn-from-peers approach to help security experts and enterprise leaders address the predicaments in choosing the right security solution for their enterprises. Participants on this platform share their intelligence on established companies, new start-ups, and the emerging risks and problems they solve. Consortium X maintains up-to-date lists of technologies, solution providers, business prophecies, or best practices that can help a company quickly and effectively address any cybersecurity issue. This unique concept has helped Consortium Networks establish itself as a frontrunner in the cybersecurity space, catering to more than 300 CISOs and IT professionals within just a few years.

While the Consortium X witnessed immense success, the team at Consortium Networks decided to further move the needle in the cybersecurity space by helping companies understand their cybersecurity maturity level, risk profile, and the gaps in their security posture. As such, they have designed the Metrics that Mattersm (MTM).